Monday, February 24, 2014

The Superman of Tents

Image credit: Orange
If Wifey had this tent, she would go camping all the time. 

She wouldn't be enticed  by its wireless charging pouch or the glow-in-the-dark tent panels, or even the built-in WiFi access.

No, for her, it would be all about the heated floor.

Seriously, heat anything she can sit or lie down on, and you're halfway to her heart.
Image credit: Orange

(Yeah, I know; I walked into that one. Get your minds out the gutter, you filthy animals).

Developed by Orange, and designed by Kaleidoscope, the tent is known as the Glastonbury, which makes sense, since it debuted at the 2012 music festival in Glastonbury. 

I call it the Superman of Tents, since, you know, it stores solar energy from the yellow sun during the day to kick ass at night.

Wifey would call it The Only Reason To Go Camping Ever. 

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