Monday, April 01, 2013

I Get Off On Submitting My Rejected Stories

Yep. Just like the post title says. 

Big time.

I like challenges. A lot. And more than any challenge, I really enjoy trying to sell my newly rejected stories to another magazine. I get an adrenaline rush from it. 


For me, it's the perfect challenge: the odds for acceptance are not in my favor, and I have just about two paragraphs (for the kinder ones, a page) to hook a slush reader/editor before they reject my story. 

What warm-blooded, competitive person wouldn't get off on that?

Yesterday, Crowded Magazine rejected a story of mine, but I've already made some changes to it with the plan to send it out into the world again in the next few days (if not tonight). 

Challenge accepted.

Oh, and next month when the submission period opens again for Crowded, I'll be submitting another story.

Double challenge accepted. 

This is nothing personal against Crowded Magazine, any other magazine, or editors and slush readers. This is all about becoming better at the craft of writing. I take the feedback I've been given on my rejected story, apply it to my writing, and come out with an improved and sharper piece.

We all deal with rejection(s) in our own unique way. This is how I deal with mine.

Might as well have a little fun with it along the way, right?


Constance Burris said...

I don't get off on rejection, but I'm working on getting to that point .

And I've just added Crowded to my list of places to harass with my submissions.

six blocks east of mars said...

I definitely see being rejected as a fierce challenge for me to step up to and overcome.

Sometimes, I'm angry competitive with it (like, 'You smacked me in the mouth with that rejection! Challenge accepted!'), and sometimes I'm cool with it (like, 'I got this. Publication will happen soon.')

I do recommend Crowded Magazine for it's unique process. They also encourage you to comment on other stories as well, which is fine, I think. They want you to critique stories with the thought, 'Is this story good enough to be published alongside mine?'

Just remember to choose the "see comments on your story option." I've gotten interesting feedback on my story.

Thanks for commenting, Connie!