Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Had the Bun

A Chelsea bun
Wish I had this Chelsea bun
I posted this more than a year ago over at An American WhereWolf in Canada, my alter ego website. 

That was where I was supposed to post things about Canada that tripped me out. 

You see how that's going.

Anyway, it held true then to the American WhereWolf, and it still holds true to him, er me, today:

Canada is one tripped out place.

Happy Halloween!

If you’re Canadian, you know what the title means. If you’re an American from the South Side of Chicago, you look at your Canadian wife like she’s got lobsters in her head when she uses that Canadian slang for the first time in the nine years you’ve known her.

A few nights ago, as my wife and I were getting ready for bed, she looked at the track pants she had on and said, “These pants have had the bun.”

The look on my face must have said I thought she truly did have lobsters in her head (which I’m convinced is more Canadian slang) because my wife started laughing hysterically. She was actually doubled over, holding her stomach, red in the face and unable to catch her breath.

You would have thought I was the one with weird sayings coming out of my mouth.

After my wife wiped the tears from her eyes and caught her breath, she told me to google “had the bun.” Turns out, Canadians and Commonwealthers say it all the time.

It even has an Urban Dictionary definition: “Canadian expression similar to ‘had the biscuit’, meaning something that is used up, beyond further use, or broken beyond repair or use.”

And here’s the Urban Dictionary use it in a sentence:

“My Chevy’s so old, it’s had the bun, so I have to get rid of it.”

More googling found you can interchange “had the biscuit” with “had the bun.”

My wife says she’s also heard UKers say both phrases. I say Canada is very much a foreign
country sometimes.

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