Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Love's Gonna Getcha

Just saw this review linked by Jha over at Silver Goggles about the soon-to-be released Japanese steampunk novel, Stormdancer. 

Say it ain't so, You're Killing Me, say it ain't so! 

But Kayla and Cynthia say it is so. And my first Book Lovin' crush, no less. 

The review at You're Killing Me is in-depth and contains spoilers, but with good reason. 

They take the errors, inaccuracies and plain ol' WTFery to task. They set the record straight on Kristoff's use of Japanese culture and language, and excoriate his objectification of women. They break my heart. 

No. Scratch that. Kristoff breaks my heart. Stormdancer breaks my heart.

I was very much looking forward to picking up Stormdancer and reveling in my book love.

I should have just listened to KRS-ONE.

Now tell me what the f*ck am I supposed to do?

Rhetorical question. 

Though, I could write my own. 

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