Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fading Light Review

Kick ass cover art by Jessy Lucero
I've been a bit busy lately with the 9-5, so I haven't had the chance to collect all of the recent reviews for the Fading Light anthology (edited by Tim Marquitz) into one post. 

But I just have to share this excellent review by  Mihir Wanchoo over at Fantasy Book CriticI love reviews like this, and not just because my short story is being praised:

Blessed Be the Shadowchildren by Malon Edwards - The story carries on the excellence of its predecessor. It’s a story within a story, with the first thread about Levi, the narrator and his friend Lali trying to find something in a land wherein the sun is dying. The second thread deals with the reason for the sun’s death and the hubris of the god who caused it. A twisted story and very well written by Malon Edwards, this story was another one that took the book theme and played it out to a different tune. 

These kind of reviews truly do anthologies with a large number of stories justice. The reviewers are very careful not to give away spoilers and plot points, but they tease you with just enough information that you can't help but want to read each story. Not every reviewer is adept at doing this, but Mihir does it very well.

Have a read of the review. It is very insightful - for each story and the anthology as a whole. And if you are so inclined, get a copy of the anthology and let me know what you think.

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