Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Rumors of My Disappearance Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I may not be writing as I should (there's some brutal honesty for you), but, contrary to the opinions of a certain guest blogger, I am around, doing writerly things. Honestly.

To prove it, here's the synopsis of my next story in an upcoming anthology:

The Sun is dying, mortally wounded by an asshole god and his jealousy. There's hope (and love) in the slow, dark death to come, though. But only if fifteen-year-old Levi and Lali can reach the warm arms of the Bright Lady before the horde of pursuing Biloko devour them - intestines first.

That's all you get.

And yes, I am a book tease.

But that's how you like it.


Anne @ Zen and Genki said...

Why yes. Yes, I do.

six blocks east of mars said...

I know YOU do. You like anything books, which is part of your wonderful appeal :)

ConstanceB. said...


You should definitely share your spiritual journey. As a nation we are moving further from God, that's all well in good when things are going good. But when things get difficult and there is no one there to turn to thee feel lost and hopeless. From my experience God is the answer and the cure.

six blocks east of mars said...

There's always hope. No matter what, no matter who, no matter when, there's always hope.

My stories are sometimes dark, but there is always hope. There is always love. There has to be, or there is no reason to write.