Monday, June 11, 2012

Dreadful Tales Reviews G-Child

Here's a very insightful and solid review of my dark fiction meta-human short story, "G-Child," which was recently published in the Corrupts Absolutely? anthology edited by Lincoln Crisler
Cover art by Jessy Lucero

I've seen a couple of reviews of the story so far, and some of the criticisms, including Meli Hooker's in this Dreadful Tales Bit by Blood Bit review, mention pacing. Point taken. I need to work on that. 

Check out the review, and the first two reviews of the other stories in the anthology. Meli seems to get the editorial oversight and machinations Lincoln tries to exert on these stories for world domina--er, an exceptional dark fiction anthology. 


Lincoln said...

There really is a method to the madness. ^_^ Honest.

six blocks east of mars said...

Work on, you Mad Editor, you! said...

You're a little mad yourself, Six Blocks...I guess a couple of mad dark fiction writers do a great anthology make :)