Wednesday, October 06, 2010

No Ordinary Q*bert

ChiklisThingHulk with his Not So Ordinary Family
Last night, my wife walked into the family room while I was watching No Ordinary Family and saw ChiklisThingHulk coming in for a landing. 

"He can fly?" she asked. She had yet to see an episode of the show.

"No," I answered. "He can jump like Kuber--"

"He can jump like Q*bert?"

And then we both just lost it. Couldn't stop laughing for the next ten minutes.

What I'd meant to say was, "He can jump like the Hulk." But seeing the horrible 
ChiklisThingHulk special effects when he leaps tall buildings and crushes the earth for fun, combined with my wife thinking he can fly, put Superman on the brain too.

Obviously, I'd tapped into the collective unconscious stream of information holding the undeniable truth that if Superman and the Hulk had a baby it would be Q*bert.

You know you want to laugh. My wife and I thought it was funny. 

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