Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Genesis: A Black Science Fiction Anthology

Black Science Fiction Society anthology
The Black Science Fiction Society has just released its first collection of speculative fiction, titled Genesis: An Anthology of Black Science Fiction Book I.
Contributors include Charles R. Saunders (arguably the creator of the Sword and Soul sub-genre), Milton Davis (an adept of Sword and Soul), Carole McDonnell (known for her spiritual fantasy fiction), Dazjae Zoem (known for her multicultural fabulism, steampunk, and Black Fae speculative fiction), Edward Uzzle, (known for his Afro-futuristic speculative fiction and comics), myself, and many more.

I have yet to receive my contributor copies of the anthology, but they're in transit and should arrive any day now. Once I get them, I plan on sharing my thoughts about each piece as I read through the anthology.

Feel free to take a look at excerpts from the anthology here, and if you feel so inclined, you can purchase the anthology here.

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