Thursday, July 09, 2009

Published: blurred edges

Expanded Horizons recently published my short story "blurred edges" here in their July 2009 issue.It's a reprint of a story that was originally published by the webzine Underground Voices back in 2005.

"blurred edges" was an easy story to write because so much of me went into it. I know writers say things like that all the time, but a few of the story's elements are based on my personal experiences.

That being said, I must stress that the story is entirely a work of fiction--I did not know a girl whose father murdered her in a drunken rage because he mistook her for a cheap prostitute. Some of my (sparse) readers who know me personally will recognize the Cherry Lane Motel and Transformers references. There is an actual Cherry Lane Motel, and my godbrother and me loved to watch Transformers (and Go Bots!) when we were growing up.

Sadly, he died in a motorcycle accident last fall. I'm not sure there was a bigger ten-year-old Transformers fan than him.

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