Thursday, April 09, 2009


Back in January, I submitted a short story to a print magazine I've come to respect very much the past few months. The magazine is high-quality, has engaging content and is ambitious in a way I haven't seen before. I won't name the magazine here because I'm afraid I may jinx myself. 

 Jinx yourself? Yeah, jinx myself. 

 I'm a superstitious person when it comes to certain things, including writing, hence the jinx if I mention the name of the mag. So this is where my anxiousness comes in. I've discovered that stories have been accepted for the particular issue my January submission is (was?) being considered for. That submission I sent in January got lost in the shuffle, which happens. Two months later, I politely reminded the editor of my submission. The editor promptly responded. The story would be tracked down. In the meantime, I've submitted another story to the same magazine.

 I really, really like the mag. The editor promptly responded acknowledged receipt of the story. I have yet to hear about the status of my previously submitted story, though. Editors are busy, especially this particular one. In my previous experience, editors who have misplaced my stories and then found them later didn't accept them. I suspect that's partly because the particular issue I'd submitted for had been filled by the time I queried about my story. I also realize that my story just wasn't to their liking. 

 Superstition is telling me this January submission has all but been rejected. However, pessimism aside, I think my most recent submission to the mag will have a very good chance of being published. And, for the most part, that's the source of my anxiety. I think these two stories are my best writing to date, and for someone else to recognize that would be validation that makes writing worthwhile.

 Now that I'm done talking vague nonsense, it should be interesting to find out what actually happens.


Kahnee said...

Good luck, Good luck!

six blocks east of mars said...

Thanks, Kahnee. Haven't heard word from the mag yet, but I did get a rejection for another story from another mag I also like a lot. Just a matter of time until I find the right market.