Monday, December 15, 2008

Electric Spec's Mini Slush Game Part II

The 200 words up right now for Electric Spec's First Page Entry Mini Slush Game look very familiar. Seems like my friend Wayne has submitted. Good on him.

He even got an "I would definitely read on" from Electric Spec editor Betsy Dornbusch. Good on him. The other editors have yet to weigh in on his entry, but here's hoping Wayne submits the entire story to Electric Spec, which he should since the editors over there lurve their military sci fi.

And since I know he's reading this, he now has to because he knows I'm going to ask if he did.

Aren't writing friends great?


Wayne said...

6 blocks - thanks for the pressure, seriously. This piece had been sitting on my hard drive and I was all ready to let it die. But based on the nice feedback from Betsy and the ES editors, I made some tightening revisions (couldn't submit it as it was, as my writing's changed--and, I think, improved--since I finished the story last April) and just recently submitted it to the Space Cops anthology, which is open until the end of the month and seems like it is exactly on point with the gist of my story. If it's rejected by them, I'd be happy to submit to Electric Spec. Regardless of what happens to it, it's always nice to clean up an old piece into something that might earn a couple dollars and another writing credit.

six blocks east of mars said...

Wayne: Cool. I saw the submission guidelines for Space Cops the other day. I think that story is perfect for the antho. Let me know how it goes.