Sunday, June 01, 2008

Built for the Kill

That story an Escape Velocity editor found too foul-mouthed for his magazine's tastes a few months ago has finally found a home. Fourth time's a charm, it seems.

After being passed over by Nanobison (in a very different version) Escape Velocity and Murky Depths, down in the cellar has decided to pay me to use the f-word over and over again in their June 2008 issue.

Don't tell me persistence doesn't pay off.

And yes, I'm being slightly sarcastic. At the chance of sounding a bit arrogant, I'm not surprised "Built for the Kill" found publication.

Okay, so that's more than a bit arrogant, but it's a well-crafted story. I could almost feel the pieces locking into place when I wrote it. I figured it would just be a matter of time before I found the right publication, which, I will admit, took some searching.

Lately, though, much of the work I've been writing has been dark in tone, so I'm finding markets that publish more horror than science fiction receptive to my submissions, which is fine with me.

I'd rather be categorized as a post-cyberpunk writer, but these days genres, sub-genres and markets overlap so finely that a piece of work can have three different labels slapped on it.

And just so you know, "Built for the Kill" is the first arc of a three-arc story in which the third arc has been accepted for publication in the upcoming Our Shadows Soar anthology, and the second arc is currently under consideration at The Future Fire, an online magazine publishing, among other things, dark cyberpunk fiction.

Hopefully, I'll be three-for-three.

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