Monday, January 21, 2008


That story recently rejected by Murky Depths has been accepted by down in the cellar, an online zine that pays for horror and dark science fiction. I don't remember where I first found out about down in the cellar--it might have been Ralan or it might have been an emailed Call for Submissions--but there were two things that made me take notice of the zine: its editor seems to have his base of operations on the Northwest Side of Chicago, and he likes dark sci-fi. If asked what genre the story is, initially I would say dark sci-fi. It's dark because of its graphic violence and obscene language, and it's sci fi because the main character has been genetically modified--but the story doesn't fit so neatly into that category. Getting more specific, I'd say the story is post-cyberpunk, and go as far to say it's biopunk. But then based on the ending (and I'm not going to give it away), it can also be seen as a new take on horror or a common urban fantasy story element. I like that the story, titled "Built for the Kill," can't be easily pigeonholed, which is another reason I submitted it to down in the cellar. So, keep an eye out for it at down in the cellar, Summer Issue, live June 1.

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