Sunday, September 16, 2007

7499 in Progress

I know it's been awhile since my last blog entry, but lately I've been doing more writing and editing than submitting, so I haven't had many rejections or acceptances except for the story I sold to Susurrus Magazine.

It's titled, "Stealin' Sunshine" and can be found here.

The picture the editors selected to run with the piece is perfect. Initially, that story was published in Juked Magazine, but I first wrote it about ten years ago.

What's interesting about that (at least, I think) is the version written almost a decade ago when I was in college is nearly the same version published word-for-word by Juked and Susurrus. Though, I suppose, when you're talking about a few hundred words and a flash fiction piece, that's not very hard to do. 

However you look at it though, I'm proud that a little piece I wrote in college was able to stand up for publication ten years later. Though, as I now search through my gmail inbox, I see that I have had one rejection since I last chronicled here.

Coyote Wild responded to my short story submission with a brief form letter stating, "Ultimately, the piece just doesn't suit our needs." and "Your story was well-written, though, and I'd definitely encourage you to submit in the future..." Most likely, I will.

On another note, my 7499 project is going well, and, so far, I have completed three 7499 stories in the series. As I said in my previous blog entry, these stories will share the same world, characters, elements, and storyline. At this point, the storyline is unfolding in a linear fashion, though I can see myself deviating from that to explore side-stories.

If anything, this project, is fun to write, and I truly believe it to be some of my best writing. And speaking of some of my best writing, the first story in the 7499 series has been submitted to Creative Brother's Sci Fi Magazine.

The story deals with issues surrounding race in Chicago and the suburbs, plastic surgery and race, classism, the definition of beauty (especially when it comes to race) and, of course, science fiction. I'm excited for eyes other than mine to read it.


Carole said...

Wow!!! Congratulations on the submission to Susurrus!

Kahnee said...

Good luck on getting your story published in Creative Brother's I'm wondering if I can get something submitted by the end of the month.

digable said...

Thanks Carole and Kahnee for the kind words.

Kahnee, I hope you're able to submit something by the end of the month as well. I emailed Cecil and inquired about my submission status to confirm he received it, and he said he had but he won't start reading the submissions until October. So, please submit, he's always wanting content!